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How to tackle tired looking eyes

Published on: 01/29/21 1:58 PM


It is not uncommon to feel tired every now and again, but frequently being tired can start to affect your complexion and cause dark circles under the eyes. It can be hard to know how to solve skin concerns related to tired eyes. Today, we’re telling you exactly how you can tackle your tired looking eyes.

There are a number of treatments that we offer that can help to reduce the signs of tired eyes, there’s a solution for everyone. Prior to all treatments that we offer at Therapy House, we conduct an in depth consultation with our clients to ensure that they are getting the most appropriate service. Results vary based on a number of factors, these will be discussed with you before any treatments are completed.

Skin peel

A skin peel is a fantastic way to brighten the skin and allow for a more youthful complexion. A well trained therapist will choose the right products to use depending on your skin type and any other factors that may have an impact. As well as reducing the effects of tiredness in the eye area, regular skin peels can help with anti ageing and acne. Skin peels work by removing dead skin cells that may be causing your complexion to appear dull.

A good skincare routine

As well as offering beauty treatments delivered by a therapist, we can also advise you on skincare routines that you can fulfil at home. Within this, we offer an ongoing program, designed specifically to tackle your skincare concerns. We can help you with tired skin, anti ageing, dry skin and more. A good skincare routine will ensure that your skin looks healthy and can help to keep your skin concerns at bay. You can arrange a consultation with a well trained practitioner, who can advise you on the best skincare routine for your complexion. This is a great option for someone looking for a more natural approach to tackling tired eyes. Read our blog on the benefits of self care.


Microneedling can have a great effect on pigmentation in the skin that is caused by tired eyes. Microneedling works by assisting your body in the healing process of the skin, through encouraging the skin to create collagen and elastin, which allow for a more youthful complexion. This treatment doesn’t provide instant results, however it is not uncommon for people to see results a week after treatment. Results take approximately 6 to 8 weeks to be fully visible. Top ups can be used between treatments and with this, results usually last for months afterwards.

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers work by giving your face more volume, this can help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles in many areas. The amount of time that dermal fillers lasts varies based on a number of factors. Following the fillers, you can have top up treatments which will help to maintain the youthful look your treatment creates. Our highly trained professionals will ensure that you are happy with all aspects of your filler treatment.

If you’d like any more advice on how to tackle tired eyes, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re happy to help.