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What is Profhilo® treatment at Therapy House

Why have Chin Augmentation at Therapy House?

Chin augmentation – non-surgical chin shaping – is an excellent treatment option if you would like your chin to look stronger and better defined, or you have issues such dimpled skin that has an orange peel appearance. Using dermal fillers, Aqualyx and/or medical injectables, this treatment is all about giving your face greater balance and sculpting your chin without the risks, pain and recovery associated with surgery.

  • Natural-looking results that add balance to your face
  • Get rid of chin dimples and/or create definition
  • A treatment unique to you in a medically-led clinic
  • A detailed consultation so you can make an informed decision
  • Low risks of side effects & minimal recovery time

If you would like your jawline to look better defined or strengthen a weak chin, non-surgical chin augmentation using dermal fillers may give you the best results. Medical injectable wrinkle reducing injections are also ideal if you have a chin that shows lots of dimples when you talk or cry.

We may also recommend using a treatment such as Accent XL Radiotherapy , Exilis Elite or Harmony XL Pro ClearLift to tighten the skin around your chin and jawline, or Aqualyx to remove fatty tissues giving you a double chin.

It’s important to understand that the results we can achieve with non-surgical chin augmentation may not be as drastic as with a surgical intervention such as a chin implant. On the flipside, this treatment is temporary, carries low risks, and requires minimal downtime.

What happens during the treatment?

When you come in to the clinic for your initial consultation, we will spend some time talking to you and analysing your appearance – particularly how your chin looks and relates to your other features. We will photograph you face on and in profile, and answer any questions you have.

What happens during your treatment itself will depend on what techniques we agree to use for your chin augmentation.

We have adopted the use of MD CodesTM, which are a series of formulated injection points for dermal fillers proven to elevate, rejuvenate and enhance, as well as delivering natural results. Read more about MD CodesTM.

How soon should I see results?

If we use dermal fillers, you will see the results of your treatment immediately. There may be some initially swelling and bruising, but this usually goes down without intervention within a few hours.

It takes between five and ten days for the effects of wrinkle reducing injections to treat a dimply chin to be fully seen.

How long should the results last?

Most people find the effects of chin augmentation can be seen for up to a year after the treatment. After this time, you may need a ‘top-up’ treatment to help you maintain your chin’s enhanced definition.

Are there any side effects?

Dermal fillers have an excellent safety record and they are well tolerated by most people. After your treatment you may experience one or more of the more common side effects, such as bruising, swelling, redness, tenderness, and even slight bleeding at the injection sites. These usually disappear within an hour or two of your treatment, although they can persist for 24 to 48 hours. In rare cases, people have had an allergic reaction to dermal fillers.

After wrinkle reducing injections, you may notice some bruising, swelling or redness at the injection site, and some people experience a mild headache. These issues using self-resolve within 24 hours. In rare cases, people have experienced infection, swelling, facial asymmetry or problems sucking through a straw after having wrinkle reducing injections, although more severe side effects are less common when the injections are administered by an experienced practitioner.

If you have any concerns at all, please call us.

Will I need to take time off after my treatment?

Most people carry on with their usual activities when they leave the clinic, but if you experience bruising, swelling or redness, you may want to arrange some downtime until these issues subside.

Do I need to avoid any activities after the treatment or follow a specific aftercare regime?

After any treatment we’ll give you detailed aftercare instructions that relate to your procedure, so you know what to do and what to expect. Generally speaking, after a chin augmentation treatment, we will recommend that you:

  • Avoid alcohol and aerobic exercise for 24 hours
  • Apply ice and arnica cream to any bruising (you may want to take arnica tablets for one day before your treatment and five days afterwards if you bruise easily)
  • Apply mineral make-up immediately after your treatment
  • Avoid sun beds and saunas for three to four days

Want to know more about Chin Augmentation?

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