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The benefits of beauty self care

Published on: 07/27/22 3:38 PM


The benefits of beauty self care

Self care has always been important to maintain mental well being. Recently, it has been promoted even further and is generally something that everyone should practice in their daily routine. In this blog we’re telling you the benefits of beauty self care.

What is self care?

Self care is about taking time out to do something that makes you feel happy, more positive and calm. It can be known as ‘me time’. There are many forms of self care. For some people, this might be a self care skincare routine, a face mask in the bath or reading a book, for others it might be heading to the beauty salon for a facial or tanning treatment.

The truth is, self care means something different to everyone, but what matters most is that it improves your emotional well being. Self care means looking after your body, your physical and mental health. It’s about looking after your own needs and improving self love.

It can be difficult to set aside time every single day to practice self care. But even if you have a few minutes a day for yourself and then maybe a beauty treatment every few weeks, it’s much better than doing nothing.

Try and think of some time in the day where you can take a break and focus on taking care of yourself. Building consistent routines is key to experiencing the full benefits of self care.

Beauty self care top tips

Book in for a beauty treatment

A beauty treatment every now and again can really help you to feel more confident. One beauty treatment that we would recommend is a Hydrafacial.

Our Hydrafacial treatment is completely bespoke, it all depends on your skin type and any skin concerns you might have. The main aim of the Hydrafacial treatment is to hydrate the skin and leave it feeling fresher and looking fuller.

The first step of the Hydrafacial treatment is to remove dead skin cells. This means it’s the skin that is being treated, rather than the dead skin on top. After this, a serum is applied to remove debris from pores. A suction tool is used to remove these and other impurities. Lastly, your beauty therapist will gently massage a hydrating serum to the face to leave you with healthy looking skin.

You don’t need to worry about taking time off work after the treatment as you should be able to continue as normal. Many of our clients have this treatment and choose to incorporate it into their beauty routine. It’s great for evening out the skin tone and creating the perfect base for your skin care routine.

Other treatments that are used as part of a beauty routine include laser hair removal and our VersaSpa tanning treatment. Our laser hair removal Lancashire clinic offers fantastic results.

Considering aesthetics?

We offer a huge range of aesthetic treatments, including dermal fillers, lip enhancements, medical lash treatments and eye and brow lifts.

All of our aesthetic treatments are completed by a highly skilled professional, who is also recognised by the Save Face register.

If you’ve got any skin concerns or you’d like an aesthetic treatment, we’re more than happy to talk you through and make honest suggestions. If you’re tired of drooping skin, or you’re not enjoying part of your profile, we can suggest the most appropriate treatment.

Before all treatments, we invite you for a consultation so that we can help you make an informed decision. We also provide each client with aftercare information as well as access to a 24 hour contact number, should you experience any side effects not mentioned.

Got a concern? Ask about it

As well as offering a range of beauty and aesthetic services, we offer support and treatments to help ease various skin conditions.

These can include treatments to help rosacea, acne scarring, hair loss, leg veins, wrinkles and more. For some skin conditions, there are no methods to completely remove the signs and symptoms. Some may also get worse with triggers.

The treatments that we offer aim to reduce the symptoms of these conditions. These treatments often work best when used within a routine, your beauty therapist will be able to formulate a routine to treat your condition.

What are the benefits of beauty self care?

Time to relax

Think about how you are feeling in the present moment. The point of self care is to develop a process to help you take better care of yourself. The main benefit associated with self care is that it gives you a chance to relax. When you’re busy with work or family commitments, finding time to relax seems difficult.

Treating yourself to a beauty treatment is a fantastic form of self care, you’ll not only leave feeling relaxed, you’ll feel brand new. Feeling more relaxed can also lower stress levels and reduce mood problems.

Increased confidence and self esteem

We’ve always thought there’s something about the way you feel after a beauty treatment. You feel good and a little more glowy. These feelings help to increase confidence and self worth. There are many beauty treatments that can make you feel more confident, regardless of your worries.

Feeling more confident has many benefits and can be applied to many areas of life, even your job. Maybe you’re already feeling confident, in which case increasing your self care might just give you a little extra boost.

Whether you just fancy a facial, or you’ve been debating a non surgical rhinoplasty, increased confidence is the end goal. All of our treatments are carried out by a professional practitioner in a medically led clinic.

Higher energy levels

Have you been feeling more tired and not getting enough sleep? If the answer is yes then you should definitely try to make more time for self care in your routine. Having more time to relax and feeling more positive in general can improve your energy levels.

Feeling relaxed more often than before can mean that you sleep better, leading to higher energy levels and having more energy to do the things you love!

If you’d like to start incorporating beauty into your self care routine, take a look at the services we offer at Therapy House. Everyone deserves a bit of self indulgence every now and again. We hope you’ve seen the advantages of self care practice. We’re more than happy to chat to you and suggest the most appropriate treatments for your needs. Get in touch with us for beauty advice.