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What to expect from chin augmentation

Published on: 09/23/20 3:36 PM


Many people believe that to alter the shape of your face, you have to have surgery, however that is not always the case. An area of the face that a lot of people consider to be important is the chin area. The chin is an area which can be altered without the need for surgery. Chin augmentation is used by many people in order to get their desired chin shape. So what is chin augmentation and what can you expect from it?

What is chin augmentation?

Chin augmentation is a non invasive procedure which includes using dermal fillers to shape the chin area. Chin augmentation can be used for various reasons, including widening or thinning the chin area, or for increasing the length of the chin. 

Due to this procedure being non surgical, you can experience the sculpting of the face that you desire without the worry of risks and pain from a long recovery. 

Chin augmentation offers a natural change in the shape of the chin. Some patients use chin augmentation to reduce the shape of chin dimples or to create more definition in the chin area. 

A lot of people like to use chin augmentation due to its long lasting effects. Most people agree that the results are still present for up to a year after the treatment has been conducted. Most people tend to attend a ‘top up’ treatment after 12 months to ensure that their chin shape remains the way that they desire. 

What to expect from chin augmentation

After you have decided that you would like to have non surgical chin augmentation, you should start doing some research into the chin shape that you desire. Make sure you consider the shape of your natural face and try to find examples that match your face. 

After you have conducted some research into the sculpting you’d like, you must begin to search for a trustworthy and skilled practitioner who will carry out your beauty procedure. When you are confident with your practitioner choice, you should book a consultation where they will help you to choose the right chin shape for your face. The consultation is the perfect time for you to ask any questions that you may have. 

Providing that you are happy with your consultation, you will book in for the procedure. There are a range of techniques which can be used for chin augmentation, because of this there is no set structure. Before the procedure begins, you will have the ability to choose the technique that you would like to experience. 

Following the procedure using dermal fillers, results will be noticeable immediately, however if fillers are used to treat wrinkles on the chin, results can take a bit longer to show. 

It is quite likely that following the procedure you may experience some swelling and potentially some bruising, there is no need to worry if either occur, as they should both go down after a few hours. Dermal fillers are non invasive and therefore the recovery time is much shorter when compared to a surgical procedure. If you do experience side effects for longer than 48 hours, you should contact your practitioner and ask for some further advice. 

Following your chin augmentation, you should be able to carry out everyday tasks as normal. You will be asked to avoid alcohol and exercise for around 24 hours, apply ice to bruised areas, apply mineral infused makeup and avoid saunas and sunbeds for up to four days. 

Many people have chin augmentation to define their natural face shape further and with very little recovery time, it’s a very simple procedure to have. If you’d like any more information on chin augmentation or to book in at Therapy House for your treatment, please contact us today.