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The ultimate tanning treatment

Published on: 05/19/22 2:03 PM


The ultimate tanning treatment

Whether you’ve got plans to jet off somewhere sunny and warm or you’re staying put this summer, sometimes having a sun kissed glow can make you feel that little more glam! At Therapy House, we can offer you the ultimate tanning treatment, VersaSpa™ by Magic Tan®. In this blog, we’ll tell you all you need to know about our tanning treatment.

What is VersaSpa by Magic Tan?

VersaSpa by Magic Tan is one of our popular beauty treatments, offering clients a natural tan while also keeping the skin hydrated. This treatment is popular due to offering a number of solutions so that each client can achieve their desired fake tan colour. Not only does this treatment offer the ultimate tan, it also helps to smooth the skin through body exfoliation and deep skin rejuvenation. It’s a fantastic full body moisturiser that can be altered to suit your natural skin tone, so whether you’re after a medium tan or a darker tan, we’ve got you!

We use a high quality tanning brand that we know we can trust and one that gives our clients a healthy glow that will fade naturally. We want our clients to feel confident and embrace their beauty with our sunless tan!

Planning for my tanning treatment

Before attending one of our tanning beauty treatments, you should shower. This will ensure that your skin is free from all lotions, deodorant and oils. Ideally, you will shave or complete waxing the skin on the night or morning before the tan. This will help to create an even tan and get rid of any product layers. You may also wish to exfoliate the whole body, particularly focusing on the elbows, knees and legs. This will allow for a longer lasting tan and reduce patchiness which frequently occurs with cheaper fake tans. This spray tan is high quality and applies evenly thanks to its open air design and automatic blow dry system.

What happens at the tanning treatments?

When you visit our salon for your beauty treatment, you should wear loose, dark coloured clothes. Wearing light clothing may lead to colour transferring from your spray tan. You should also avoid wearing socks after the treatment so it may be a good idea to arrive in flip flops or something similar. When you are ready for the treatment, you can wear a swimming costume or underwear, the choice is yours. Some clients choose to use disposable underwear when receiving spray tans.

The treatments take place inside a tanning booth, allowing the fine mist to be applied to the full body evenly. You do not need to bring anything with you to your appointment. The tanning booth is an open air design, so you can remain comfortable during your tan. Our technology has high power ventilation, so you can breathe easy while the tanning takes place. The VersaSpa tanning process involves an automatic blow dry to reduce stickiness and the risks of your spray tan marking your clothing.

Tanning aftercare

Caring for your tan is simple, we would recommend staying in loose fitting clothing for at least 6 hours after. This will give your tan time to develop properly. You should avoid exercise, moisturising and showering or bathing until at least 6 hours have passed. After this time, you will be able to complete these tasks. Your practitioner will be able to advise you on when would be best to shower and wash off the tan to achieve your desired look.

How long will my tan last?

Your tan will last anywhere between 4 to 7 days. You may have a longer lasting tan if you continue to moisturise and look after your skin, this will help your tan to fade naturally and reduce dry skin. Some tans can leave a certain smell when applied, but this tanner leaves a natural scent on the body.

Does fake tan reduce redness?

Having a spray tan gives off a nice bronzed glow, which can help to reduce redness in the skin. As well as helping to reduce any redness, the application of tan can provide a more even skin tone, so if you have any patches of pigmentation, these may become less visible.

Are tanner products safe?

The VersaSpa fine mist tanning solution is derived from natural ingredients, meaning that it is safe to use. It has also been approved by the FDA who handle all regulations for products within this industry.

If you are pregnant or have any medical conditions that may be affected by a spray tan, we would recommend speaking to a medical professional prior to your appointment.

We also remind clients of the importance of using suncare products, even after having a spray tan. Many people ask whether this treatment protects them from UV rays, the answer is no, you should continue to use suncare products to protect your skin from damage.

If you’d like any more information regarding our VersaSpa treatment, you can contact us, we’re more than happy to help. It’s time to treat yourself to the ultimate tan and get that summer glow!